• Buttons

    Button of different types, colours and sizes and combination of buttons

  • Colour

    Colour palettes and usage, contrast guidelines and SASS variables

  • Grid & layout

    Use containers, grids and whitespace to build a structure and hierarchy on the page.

  • Helpers

    Useful helper classes for common tasks

  • Iconography

    Icons, their usage and guidance for creating new custom icons

  • Links

    Links and hover/active/visited/focus states

  • Lists

    Use of lists and nesting lists

  • Responsive

    Guidance for building mobile-first responsive web applications

  • Spacing

    Spacing between elements and vertical rhythm

  • Tables

    Basic table styling

  • Typography

    Headings, paragraphs, featured text, quotations, lists, links

  • Visibility

    Showing and hiding elements across breakpoints, for print, device orientations and screen readers